Christmas in July

Christmas, in the northern hemisphere is very different to the experience of our antipodean cousins. A white Xmas in Australia, consists of white sandy beaches in lieu of cold snow. Of steaks, sausages and seafood on a barbecue instead of hearty roast meat with vegetables and gravy. And of course, Santa doesn’t ride a sleigh behind a crew of reindeer, he slashes in on a surfboard, dragged behind a mob of sprite, festive kangaroos!
Jokes aside, in Australian and New Zealand, and throughout the pacific, it is common to celebrate ‘Christmas in July’.

An opportunity to celebrate Xmas the way it was meant to be, in the coldest time of the year, with warm food, warm egg nog, good fun and good cheer. Some families celebrate christmas in July by getting out their favorite monogrammed stockings and their stocking holders, hanging up the mistletoe, setting out the Xmas decorations and preparing a feast fit for a king.
This custom is often done at a corporate level with companies organizing something for staff, and often schools and universities also do something.

The women’s magazines are filled with Xmas recipes too. All those Xmas stores that you wonder how the can afford to stay in business for the whole year by only catering for an event held once a year, they manage to make a few extra sales too. Next time you’re in the Southern Hemisphere in July and you’re looking to celebrate, go up the the nearest Aussie or Kiwi and wish them a very merry Christmas in July!

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The origins of Christmas. Stockings, Santa and the Merry Season!

Any youngster will let you know Santa Claus originates from the North Pole, yet Santa has a shocking history of his own which goes again to the third century. Whether you call him Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle or Father Christmas, we know Santa comes to visit us consistently on Christmas Eve, yet do you know where he initially originates from or how he goes around the entire world in one night?


There are a few legends of Saint Nicholas yet it is accepted that he existed in advanced Turkey and was conceived in the third century. Paragon of piety Nicholas was an extremely rich religious administrator, respected for his generosity as he would venture to every part of the farmland giving endowments and helping poor families. He didn’t prefer to uncover himself as a blessing provider and would regularly convey endowments late during the evening keeping in mind the end goal to keep his personality a mystery. There was previously a poor man with three youthful little girls who got a blessing from Saint Nicholas, he dropped a pack of gold down his smokestack which fell into a stocking hung by the chimney to dry. This began the convention of hanging tights over the chimney prepared for the entry of Christmas blessings.

Holy person Nicholas to Santa Claus

The name Santa Claus started from Nicholas’ Dutch epithet ‘Sinter Klaas’. As kids attempted to profess ‘Sinter Klass’, the name soon settled as Santa Claus far and wide. As his notoriety developed, Nicholas picked up a positive notoriety and was named a Saint. After his demise, a blowout day was made on December sixth, to pay tribute to his liberality. About whether Saint Nicholas’ blowout day got to be connected with Christmas Day, and was moved to December 25th, December sixth is currently known as St. Nicholas Day. Numerous youngsters get their Christmas introduces on St. Nicholas’ Day rather than Christmas Eve.

The Man in the Red Suit

You may be supposing how did Saint Nicholas turn into a happy old white bushy man wearing a red suit? As Saint Nicholas was a cleric he was represented in the customary diocesan’s shroud which has prompted the picture of him that we have today.

Santa Clause Claus delights a huge number of kids as far and wide as possible with the expectation of his entry bringing so much fervor. His enchanted history improves the Christmas season around the globe for all who accept.

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Monogrammed Christmas Stockings

From the young to young-at-heart, nothing quite brings home that feeling of Christmas cheer like hanging a stocking over the hearth. Monogrammed Christmas stockings or personalized Christmas stocking make it easy to personalize a stocking for you or your loved ones. Simply choose your stocking, choose your font and place your order. With the wide array of fonts and themes, you can make fun and festive children’s stockings or make refined and sophisticated preppy monogrammed Christmas stockings.

When it comes to cheap monogrammed Christmas stockings, there is a variety of services available online for easy customization and ordering from the comfort of your own home. If you are looking for a local service, check your local directory for an embroidery, tailoring or seamstress service. Many of these locations have the ability to provide monogramming services at an affordable price.

Whether you choose to do-it-yourself with monogrammed needlepoint Christmas stockings or have your dream stocking made by a professional in your area, both options are affordable and fun. While many design services offer plenty of ways to customize your stocking, monogrammed Christmas Stockings can be a fun and rewarding do-it-yourself project. Monogramming the stocking yourself ensures every little detail is exactly as you want it. Of course, this can be quite time consuming, but often the results are totally worth the worth.

Tips For Creating Monogrammed or Embroidered Christmas Stockings

  • Choose a color that stands out against the body of the stocking. Popular color combinations include red and green, silver and gold, burgundy and gold and silver and navy. Use multiple lines or choose a heavier gauge thread for monogramming to add emphasis to the name or text used.
  • Match the text style to the theme of the stocking. For example, preppy monogrammed Christmas stockings would look best with a large serif or script font. Outlining might be performed on the letters in a contrasting color as well. Children’s stockings might enjoy
  • Monogramming is not just limited to the cuff of the stocking. Embroidering across the body of the stocking in a large font can create a beautiful effect.
  • Embroidering favorite quotes, biblical passages or other text on the body of the stocking can provide a tasteful and poignant effect to the overall piece.

When it comes to monogrammed Christmas stockings, tradition has often dictated how the letters should be arranged. While this has become less prominent in recent years, there are still some guidelines that many choose to follow when it comes to monogramming. In the end, however, the choice is largely personal. The most common choice for monogrammed stockings is a three-letter arrangement. The person’s last initial is the largest and rests in the middle of the piece, while their first and middle initials are often smaller and reside to the left and right of the last initial respectively.